What are regulations/ requirements for liferaft as per SOLAS?

As per SOLAS Chapter 3, Regulation 38 ,General requirements for liferafts

 Liferaft fittings
  1. Lifelines shall be securely becketed around the inside and outside of the liferaft.
  2. The liferaft shall be fitted with an efficient painter of length equal to not less than twice the distance from the stowed position to the waterline In the lightest seagoing condition or 15 m whichever is the greater.
Davit-launched liferafts
  1. In addition to the above requirements, a liferaft for use with an approved launching appliance shall:
    • when the liferaft is loaded with its full complement of persons and equipment, be capable of withstanding a lateral impact against the ship’s side at an impact velocity of not less than 3.5 m/s and also a drop into the water from a height of not less than 3 m without damage that will affect its function;
    • be provided with means for bringing the liferaft alongside the embarkation deck and holding it securely during embarkation.
  2. Every passenger ship davit-launched liferaft shall be so arranged that it can be rapidly boarded by its full complement of persons.
  3. Every cargo ship davit-launched liferaft shall be so arranged that it can be boarded by its full complement or persons in not more than 3 min from the time the instruction to board is given.

The normal equipment or every liferaft shall consist of:

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