What are regulations regarding piping, pumping and discharge arrangements as per MARPOL ?

  • In every oil tanker, a discharge manifold for dirty ballast water or oil contaminated water shall be located on both sides of the open deck of the ship.
  • Every tanker with a segregated ballast system must satisfy the following:
    • It shall be equipped with oil piping designed so that oil retention in the lines is kept to a minimum.
    • Means shall be provided to drain all cargo pumps and all oil lines on completion of cargo discharge.
  • Discharge of ballast water or oil contaminated water must be discharged above the waterline except:
    • Existing oil tankers that are not capable of doing so without modification
    • Existing Oil tankers operating with dedicated clean ballast tanks.
    • Discharge may be by method of gravity if the ship is at SEA.


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