What are regulations regarding launching of lifeboat and Rescue boat as per SOLAS ?

As per SOLAS, Chapter III Regulation 20,

Requires from the 1st July 1998 (amongst other things), that at least once every 5 years lifeboats and rescue boats shall be turned out and lowered with weights to simulate their full safe working load.

Launching appliances:
  1. Shall be serviced at recommended intervals in accordance with instructions for on-board maintenance as required by Regulation 36;
  2. Shall be subjected to a thorough examination at intervals not exceeding 5 years; and
  3. Shall upon completion of the examination in  paragraph 2 be subjected to a dynamic test of the winch brake in accordance with paragraph of the LSA Code;e. the winch brakes of a launching appliance shall be of sufficient strength to withstand a dynamic test with a proof load of not less than 1.1 times the maximum working load at maximum lowering speed.
Lifeboat on-load release gear shall be:
  1. serviced at recommended intervals in accordance with instructions for on board maintenance as required by regulation 36;
  2. subjected to a thorough examination and test during the surveys required by regulation I/7 and I/8 by properly trained personnel familiar with the system; and
  3. operationally tested under a load of 1.1 times the total mass of the lifeboat when loaded with its full complement of persons and equipment whenever the release gear is overhauled. Such overhauling and test shall be carried out at least once every five years in accordance with the requirements of IMO Resolution A. 689(17).

The total load for conducting the 1.1 times test is calculated from;

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