What are regulations regarding gyro and magnetic compass on ships ?

Standard Compass ( magnetic compass )
  • Error shall be checked at least once a watch where practicable. Gimbals shall be kept clean and greased for free movement. Liquid inside to be checked for any air bubbles. Replenish liquid to remove air bubbles. Standard compass shall be swung by the Master and a deviation curve made once in every twelve months. Standard compass shall be adjusted by a qualified adjuster every two years or if the deviation is established to be more than 5 degrees.
  • Deviation curve shall be exhibited in the wheelhouse showing residual deviation of the compass.
  • Compass error book shall be maintained.
Gyro Compass

Gyro compass error shall be checked and recorded in each watch as far as practicable. The headings of standard compass and gyro compass shall be compared every watch. The equipment shall be maintained/serviced as per manufacturer’s instructions contained in the manual.


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