What are regulations for Portable fire Extinguishers in Accommodation ?

Portable fire extinguishers in accommodation are as mentioned below

(1) Every ship shall be provided:- 

  1. on each deck below the bulkhead deck, a sufficient number of portable fire extinguishers so that at least two of these shall be readily available for use in every accommodation space, service space and control station, between main vertical zones and  
  2. in enclosed accommodation space, service spaces and control stations above the bulkhead deck at least one such extinguisher shall be provided for use on each side of the ship in such space, such that the total number of extinguishers provided, including those specified in Clause (a) is not less than five on a ship of 1000 tons or ever; and 
  3. At least one portable fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in every galley and where the superficial deck area of any galley exceeds 45 square metres, at least two fire blankets. 
  4. At least one portable fire extinguisher for use in each control station; 
  5. In each special category space and cargo space intended for the carriage of motor vehicles with fuel in their tanks for their own propulsion; 
    1. For every 40 metres length of deck space, at least two portable fire extinguishers, suitable for extinguishing oil fires, so arranged that at least one extinguisher is available on each side of deck space and at least one extinguisher is available at each access to the deck space; and 
    2. One portable foam applicator unit complying with the requirement specified in SOLAS  V. Provided that not less than two such applicators shall be available in the ship for use in any such space. 

(2) One of the portable fire extinguishers, intended for use in each space shall be available near the entrance to that space. 

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