What are regulations for Partially Enclosed Lifeboat as per SOLAS ?

  1. Every partially enclosed lifeboat shall be provided with effective means of balling or be automatically self bailing. 
  2. Partially enclosed lifeboats shall be provided with permanently attached rigid covers extending over not less than 20 percent of the length of the lifeboat from the stem and not less than 20  percent of the length of the lifeboat from the aftermost part of the lifeboat.  The lifeboat shall be fitted with a permanently attached foldable canopy which together with the rigid covers completely encloses the occupants of the lifeboat in weatherproof shelter and protects them from exposure. 

 The canopy shall be so arranged that :

  1. It is provided with adequate rigid sections or battens to permit erection of the canopy. 
  2. It can be easily erected by not more than two persons. 
  3. It is insulated to protect the occupants against hes and cold by means of not less than two layers of material separated by an air gap or other equally efficient means.  Means shall be provided to prevent accumulation of water in the air gap. 
  4. Its exterior is of a highly visible colour and its interior is of a colour which does not cause discomfort to the occupants. 
  5. It has entrances at both ends and one on each side, provided with efficient adjustable closing arrangements which can be easily and quickly opened and closed from inside or outside so as to permit ventilation but exclude seawater, wind and cold.  Means shall be provided for holding the entrances securely in the open and closed position. 
  6. With the entrances closed, it admits sufficient air for the occupants at all times. 
  7. It has means for collecting rainwater, and  
  8. The occupants can escape in the event of the lifeboat capsizing. 
  1. The exterior of the lifeboat shall be of a highly visible colour. 
  2. The radio telegraph installation required to be provided and shall be installed in an approved sheltered space or cabin large enough to accommodate both equipment and the person using it.


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