What are regulations of Fire Hoses on Ships as per SOLAS ?

Fire-hoses should be of approved non-perishable material. The hoses should be sufficient in length to project a jet of water to any of the spaces in which they may be required  to be used. Their length, in general, is not to exceed 18 m.

Each hose should be provided  with a nozzle and the necessary couplings. Fire-hoses, together with any necessary fittings and tools, should be kept ready for use in conspicuous positions near the water service hydrants or connections.

For vessel less than 150 GT, one hose should be provided for each hydrant. In addition one spare hose should be provided onboard.

Vessel equal or greater than 150 GT should be provided with fire hoses the number of which should be one for each 30 m length of the ship and one spare, but in no case less than three in all. Unless one hose and nozzle is provided for each hydrant in the ship, there should be complete interchangeability of hose couplings and nozzles.

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