What are regulations for monthly maintenance of Fire fighting equipments on ships ?

Monthly Examinations and Inspections

Ships officers are responsible for performing monthly examinations of firefighting system equipment and recording the examinations in the ship’s official logbook. Monthly inspections should be carried out to ensure that:

  1. all fireman’s outfits, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, hose and nozzles are in place, properly arranged, and are in proper condition;
  2. all fixed fire-fighting system stop valves are in the proper open or closed position, dry pipe sprinkler systems have appropriate pressures as indicated by gauges;
  3. sprinkler system pressure tanks have correct levels of water as indicated by glass gauges;
  4. all sprinkler system pumps automatically operate on reduction of pressure in the systems;
  5. all fire pumps are operated; and
  6. all fixed fire-extinguishing installations using extinguishing gas are free from leakage.


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