What are regulations for maintenance of fixed CO2 fire fighting system on ships ?

Inspection and testing of CO2 cylinders

  1. A visual inspection of all CO2 cylinders, forming part of the fixed fire extinguishing installation, is to be carried out annually by:

a) A representative of a specialist testing/maintenance firm, approved for such purposes by one of our authorised classification societies, or;

b) A suitably qualified member of the Company’s shore-based personnel, e.g. superintendent engineer, or;

c) A suitably qualified member of the ship’s personnel, e.g. Second Engineer.

  1. Records of annual inspections, deficiencies identified and corrective actions performed are to be maintained on board.
  1. Provided that annual visual inspections are carried out and recorded, all cylinders are to be hydraulically tested after twenty (20) years from the date of manufacture, and every five (5) years thereafter.
  1. If annual visual inspections are not carried out, or there is no record of them, then all cylinders are to be hydraulically tested after ten (10) years and twenty (20) years from the date of manufacture and every five (5) years thereafter.
  1. A record of the hydraulic pressure test should be legibly marked on the cylinders.
  1. Any cylinder that has been discharged, or has a reduction in pressure of 10 % or more from its original pressure as stamped on the cylinder, or shows signs of external corrosion, is to be hydraulically tested.

Maintenance of installations

  1. In addition to the above requirements for CO2 all valves, wires, levers/pulls, pipe work, markings and operational instructions are to be maintained in a satisfactory condition.
  1. Any aspects of the testing and maintenance of the system which is beyond the competence of the Company’s and ship’s personnel should be carried out by an competent specialist maintenance firm.
  1. Companies should ensure that that the inspection and maintenance of the whole system meets the requirements of the classification society and any recommendations of the installation supplier.
  1. Where the fixed CO2 installation is under maintenance and inoperable suitable provision should be made for dealing with fires in the protected spaces.


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