What are regulations for Launching and Maneuvering of Lifeboat and Rescue Boat as per SOLAS ?

Each lifeboat shall be launched with its assigned operating crew abroad and maneuvered in the water at least once every 3 month during an abandon ship drill.  ships operating on short voyages may not be expected to launch the lifeboats on on side if their berthing arrangements in port and their trading patterns do not permit launching of lifeboats on that side. However, all such lifeboats shall be lowered at least once every 3 months and launched at least annually. 

As far as is reasonable and practicable, rescue boats other than lifeboats which are also rescue boats, shall be launched each month with their assigned crew abroad and maneuvered in the water.  In all cases this requirement shall be complied with at least once every 3 months. 

If lifeboat and rescue boat launching drills are carried out with the ship making headway, such drills shall, because of the dangers involved be practiced in sheltered waters only and under the supervision of  an officer experienced in such drills.


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