What are regulations for Hot Work on deck as per ISGOTT ?

  • If hot work is to be undertaken on the open deck, cargo and slop tanks within a radius of at least 30 metres around the working area must be cleaned and hydrocarbon vapour content reduced to less than 1% by volume and inerted.
  • All other cargo tanks in the cargo area must be inerted with openings closed.
  • Adjacent ballast tanks, and compartments other than cargo tanks, should be checked to ensure they are gas-free and safe for hot work. If found to be contaminated by hydrocarbon liquid or vapours they should be cleaned and gas freed.
  • On a vessel without an inert gas system all cargo tanks except those containing slops, must be cleaned and freed of hydrocarbon vapour to less than 1% LFL.
  • Tanks containing slops should be kept closed and be beyond 30 metres from the work area.


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