What are regulations for Fire Fighting Extinguisher for paint locker on ships as per SOLAS ?

As per (SOLAS Reg. II-2/18)

Paint lockers and flammable liquid lockers shall be protected by an appropriate fire-extinguishing arrangement approved  by the Administration.

Paint lockers and flammable liquid lockers of deck area 4m2 and more shall be provided with a fire-extinguishing system  enabling the crew to extinguish a fire without entering the space.

Fixed arrangements as specified below
  1. CO2 – system, designed for 40% of the gross volume of the space.
  2. Dry-powder-system, designed for at least 0,5 kg powder/m3.
  3. Water spraying system, designed for 5 l/m2, minimum.
  4. Water spraying systems may be connected to the ship’s  main system.
  5. Other systems than those mentioned above may be accepted.
  6. For lockers of deck area less than 4 m2 CO2 or dry-powder fire extinguisher(s) may be accepted.


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