What are regulations for electric and elecro –hydraullic steering gear system ?

Electric and electro-hydraulic steering gear-

(1) Every ship which is fitted with electric or electrohydraulic steering gear shall be provided with indicators which will show when the power units of such steering gear are running. These indicators shall be situated in the machinery control room or in such other positions as the Chief Surveyor with the Government of India may approve and on the navigating bridge.

(2)Every such steering gear shall,

  1. be served by at least two exclusive circuits fed from the main switchboard one of which may pass through the emergency switchboard and each circuit shall the motors which are normally connected to it and which operate simultaneously;
  2. if transfer arrangements are provided in the steering gear compartment to  permit either circuit to supply any motor or combination of motors, the capacity of each circuit shall be adequate for the most severe load condition;
  3. the circuits shall be separated as widely as is practicable throughout their length;
  4. an auxiliary electric or electro hydraulic steering gear may be connected to one of the circuits supplying the main steering gear and
  1. be provided with short circuit protection and overload alarm for the protection of the circuits and motor and any protection provided against excess current shall be capable of conducting at least twice the full load current of the motors taking into consideration the motor starting currents;
  2. when a three phase supply is used and alarm shall be provided that will indicate the failure of any one of the supply phases ;
  3. the alarms required by this sub-rule shall be both audible and visual and located in a conspicuous position in the main machinery space or in the control room which the machinery is normally controlled.

(3)The main steering gear in any ship of less than 1600 tons may be fed by one circuit from the main switchboard if the auxiliary steering gear is not electrically powered or is powered by an electric motor primarily intended for other purposes.

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