What are regulations for EEBD as per FSS Code or SOLAS ?

  • The EEBD shall have a service duration of at least 10 min.
  • The EEBD shall include a hood or full face piece, as appropriate, to protect the eyes, nose and mouth during escape. Hoods and face pieces shall be constructed of flame-resistant materials and include a clear window for viewing.
  • An inactivated EEBD shall be capable of being carried hands-free.
  • An EEBD, when stored, shall be suitably protected from the environment.
  • Brief instructions or diagrams clearly illustrating their use shall be clearly printed on the EEBD. The donning procedures shall be quick and easy to allow for situations where there is little time to seek safety from a hazardous atmosphere.
  • An EEBD is a supplied air or oxygen device only used for escape from a compartment that has a hazardous atmosphere and shall be of an approved type.
  • EEBDs shall not be used for fighting fires, entering oxygen deficient voids or tanks, or worn by firefighters. In these events, a self contained breathing apparatus, which is specifically suited for such applications, shall be used. 
 Markings on EEBD

Maintenance requirements, manufacturer’s trademark and serial number,shelf life with accompanying manufacture date and name of the approving authority shall be printed on each EEBD. All EEBD training units shall be clearly marked.


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