What are regulations for Alarm System on ships as per SOLAS ?

Every such ship shall be provided with an alarm system which shall indicate any fault in the unattended machinery spaces requiring attention.

The alarm system shall.

  1. Indicate each separate alarm condition visually at the machinery alarm and control centre and provide an audible alarm at such center and in the machinery spaces.
  2. Be connected to the engineers mess rooms and to each of the duty engineers cabin is connected to the alarm system at any time;
  3. Be connected to an audible and visual alarm on the navigating bridge which shall be capable of being activated for any situation which requires the action of or should be brought to the attention of the officer of the watch;
  4. Be designed, as far as practicable to indicate an alarm condition should a failure of the alarm and monitoring system occur;
  5. Activate an alarm that is clearly audible in the engineers accommodation if an alarm condition has not received attention at the machinery alarm and control centre within a reasonable time;
  6. Be supplied automatically in the event of a loss of the normal power supply, from a stand-by power supply the failure of the normal power sully shall be indicated on the alarm system; and
  7. Be able to indicate multiple faults simultaneously the acceptance of any fault on the alarm system shall not inhabit other alarm and acceptance of the alarm at the machinery alarm and control centre shall be indicated at the other positions where the alarm condition is shown, alarms shall be maintained until they are accepted and the visual indication of individual alarms shall remain until the fault has been corrected when the alarm system shall be capable of being automatically be reset to its normal operating condition.


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