What are regulation for carriage of Spare portable Fire Fighting Equipments onboard ?

As per SOLAS, chapter II-2,

The number of spare charges required by regulation 6.2 for portable extinguishers should be in accordance with the provisions of MSC Circular 847, namely:

  1. 100% for the first 10 extinguishers; and
  2. 50% for the remaining extinguishers, subject to a maximum of 60.
  • Additional extinguishers of the same type and capacity should be carried in lieu of spare charges for any extinguishers which cannot be charged on board ship.
  • Instructions for recharging extinguishers should be carried on board ship and refills should be of a type approved by the manufacturer of the extinguisher.
Note :
  • If the loss of gas from a carbon dioxide extinguisher or propellant bottle of any other type of extinguisher exceeds by 10% of the original charge as stamped on the extinguisher or bottle, then extinguisher or bottle should be recharged. Any extinguisher or bottle which has excessive external corrosion should be replaced.
  • In surveying the safety equipment on a vessel classification societies should verify that:
    • The manufacturer’s instructions for recharging extinguishers are on board;
    • The extinguishers have been inspected and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the foregoing requirements;
    • Records of inspections, maintenance and pressure tests are maintained


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