What are Radio telephony Procedures as per GMDSS?

Duplex and simplex mode of R/T operation.

  • Simplex operation is used for :-
    1. All stations broad cast, distress urgency, safety and    routine call and reply.
    2. Ship to ship communication.
Note :-

In simplex mode one frequency is used for transmission and reception. ex :- CH – 16 2182 kHz.

  • Duplex operation used for :-
    • Ship to coast station. (CRS)
    • Public correspondence using paired frequency.
Note :-

In Duplex mode transmission and reception are simultaneous using two different frequency so that it is just like normal telephonic conversation.

Points to remember:-

Radio telephone calls, may also be made on semi – simplex/ duplex mode where one end uses simplex and other end uses duplex.

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