What are procedure of CO2 release in engine room?

Releasing of CO2 at sea:

We must consider CO2 is only released when fire is out of control but Before releasing we must go through points mentioned below

  • Seal engine room.
  • All ventilation to be closed.
  • Fuels and boiler within engine room to be shut down.
  • Evacuate and seal the engine room. Head count.
  • Check out the amount of CO2 required to be injected as per the planned injection information (found in CO2 room and remote station).
  • Open fire cabinet door causing alarm to activate.
  • Operate fire handle mechanism to fire the pilot bottles, which fires the bank of bottles in the engine room. Ensure hold valves are closed.

Planned injection information:

  • CO2 arrangement plan.
  • Procedure of firing.
  • Number of bottles designated for each place protected.
  • Number of non return valves.

After releasing:

  • Always advisable to wait before carrying out an investigation.
  • Maintain boundary cooling and observe temperature at various levels.
  • Once a distinct fall in temperature has been observed an internal inspection and assessment may be carried out.
  • Breathing apparagraphtus to be donned when entering the space. Checks on breathing apparagraphtus. 2/e and oiler to enter.
  • Inspection to be carried out with spray fire fighting equipment, safety line and communication checked prior to entry.
  • Once it has been confirmed that fire has been brought under control an additional assessment by chief engineer.
  • When both opinions agreed upon damage control party to be sent in for cooling down work.


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