What are Preparations for ice Navigation?

  • Inform master.
  • Inform E/R
  • Inform all crew
  • Check extra navigational light for ice area
  • Check magnetic compass ethyl alcohol, distilled water and extra for ice area have or not, If not then inform master.
  • In battery room, cap should open and clip sound grease.
  • Check sand, cement, extra steel plate for ice damage repair.
  • Make draft allowance for ice area
  • Check ice breaker if fitted.
  • Cheek all instrument window, clear view screen.
  • Check accommodation heater and clear view screen ok or not.
  • The main engine & steering gear should be reliable and well maintained.
  • The ballast and FW tanks should not be more than 90% full.
  • Fenders
  • Adequate reserve of store and bunkers.
  • On tanker, activate the deck seal heating coil.
  • Use canvas to protect rope & wires on mooring drums.
Ice publication for ice reporting :
  • IMO guideline for ship operation in arctic & antarctic ice cover water.
  • Admiralty manual of seamanship vol3
  • Manual of ice seamanship
  • Ice advisory guide.
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