What are preparation for unloading of PCC or Pure Car Carrier ?

Unloading work on PCCs

Though basically corresponding to loading, attention should be paid to the following points to prevent damage to vehicles.Unloading should be carried out according to the stowing method (clockwise, counterclockwise or head-out method. since the stowing method is selected so as to best fit the stowing place and the type of ship, unloading according to this method is effective in preventing damage and maintaining efficiency in cargo handling.)

Unloading should be conducted with caution according to the order of lead car indication cards until there is sufficient space for turning.The door should be opened/closed with caution by supporting it by hand.Accidents such as collision due to slipping and damage to the front, rear, underside or roof tend to occur when going down the ramp because of excessive speed. Therefore, driving down requires caution.

Cargo handling on elevator ships

Though basically corresponding to cargo handling on PCCs, work on elevator ships involves the following steps.

To ensure safety in cargo handling, work should be clearly divided into the following categories: roll-on operation (driving the vehicle from the quay wall to the elevator), elevator operation and stowing operation (driving the vehicle out of the elevator for stowing).

The elevator operator should become familiar with the elevator operation method by contacting the ship’s crew in advance and, at the same time, check the head clearance of the elevator door and the inside dimensions of the elevator and the load capacity.

Driving in and driving out of the elevator should be conducted by following the directions given by the traffic guide.

The hand brake should be completely pulled back and the foot brake should be used inside the elevator car.

Cargo handling on RO/RO ship

Though basically corresponding to cargo handling on PCCs, attention should be paid to the following points.

Slings suitable for vehicles to be loaded should be used with an anti-rolling rope secured to each corner.

When lifting the vehicle, the driver should stop the engine and pull back the hand brake completely before getting off the vehicle.

More than 50cm of space should be left around the key car. When loading the key car, special attention is paid so that it will not be in slings or workers.

The winch or crane operator should operate by following the directions given by the deck hand. He should not lower the vehicle on the deck in a rough manner such as swinging.

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