What are precautions while loading iron ore fines on ships?

  1. Ships nominated for iron ore fines loading from Indian ports are suitable and in addition the ship master to ensure that the ship is:
  2. Ships which are required to carry out stress calculations shall have on board an approved loading instrument by the flag administration for the rapid calculation of such stresses;
  3. The masters are directed to verify the moisture content of the iron ore fines, if in any doubt, in accordance with the provisions of IMSBC code prior to the acceptance of the shipment during the entire loading operations.
  4. List indication lights, if fitted, shall be tested prior to loading or unloading and proved operational;
  5. The ship owner shall comply with the provisions of SOLAS Chapter VI, IMSBC Code and additional safety measures for bulk carriers under Chapter XII of SOLAS 1974, if applicable;
  6. The shipper shall provide the master or his representative with appropriate information on cargo sufficiently in advance, prior to of the loading of iron ore fines to take precautionary measures, such as Moisture Content,( including Flow Moisture Point (FMP) and Transportable Moisture Limit (TML), and Cargo Density declaration.
    • (Weather tight and efficient in all respects to face the normal perils of the sea for the intended voyage) ;
    • Provided with an approved stability and loading booklet approved by the Flag Administration in a language understood by the ship’s officers concerned and using standard expression and abbreviations.
Note :

The Mercantile Marine Departments shall carry out 100% Port State Control / Flag State Implementation Inspections of all vessels loading cargo of Iron ore fines / Concentrates and similar type of cargoes from Indian Ports during fair / foul weather season.


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