What are precautions during loading and discharging of refrigerated cargo ?

  • Remove any snow forming on brine pipes
  • prevent cold air from escaping within compartments
  • compartments are opened during ldg/disch, STOP the cooling machinery to prevent frost from forming, as this may act as insulation and interfere with efficient cooling
  • ensure proper circulation of air in all parts of hold
  • Hatches and insulated doors should be firmly closed and secured during breaks in cargo operations.
  • Refrigerating plant to be kept running during long breaks eg. stoppage of work during night hours.
  • Ensure frozen cargo is hard frozen ,no soft spots and have any sign of mould.
  • Fruits should he inspected by picking samples at random
  • shoes with clean gunny sacking should be used working
  • Do not allow cargo to be dragged, pushed or thrown about.
  • Use proper type of cargo slings for the type of cargo being loaded/discharge eg. canvas nets for frozen meat and trays for crates of cheese, butter, eggs and fruits.


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