What are precaution while loading Sulphur ?

Following are precaution associated with sulphur –
  • Clean and dry as relevant to the hazards of the cargo.
  • Must be thoroughly clean and washed with fresh water
General precaution
  • Protect machinery, accommodations and equipment from small particles or any dust if formed.
  • Persons involved in cargo handling shall wear protective clothing, goggles and dust filter masks.
  • Holds including trimming plates and tanktops shall be treated with effective, commercially available protective coating or lime-washed to avoid any potential corrosive reaction between sulphur, water and steel.
  • Upper sections shall have a sound coating of paint.
  • When this cargo is involved in a fire, a toxic, very irritating and suffocating gas is evolved.
  • This cargo forms explosive and sensitive mixtures with most oxidizing material.
  • This cargo has a liability to dust explosion, which may occur especially after discharge and during cleaning. The hold trimming plates and tank tops of the cargo spaces for this cargo shall be lime-washed or coated with paint to prevent corrosion.
  • Upper sections shall have a sound coating of paint. Electrical circuits for the equipment in cargo spaces for this cargo which is unsuitable for use in an explosive atmosphere shall be isolated by removal of links in the system other than fuses.
  • Surface ventilation only, either natural or mechanical, shall be conducted, as necessary, during the voyage for this cargo.
  • Fine grained sulphur (flowers of sulphur) shall not be transported in bulk.


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