What are methods of oil supply in C.O.W or crude oil washing ?

There are basically three wash oil supplying methods so called ―

  1. Bleed-off System.
  2. Closed Cycle
  3. Open Cycle
  1. Semi-open Cycle System:-
    • Wash oil is introduced from a tank being discharged and drained oil is discharged into the aftermost centre tank or slop tank.
    • Precaution:- The tank be used as a source of crude oil washing (Driving Oil) should be first discharged at least one metre in depth before supplying as a washing medium to suppress electrostatic charges.
  2. Closed Cycle System (re-circulation method):-

Wash oil is supplied from the aftermost centre tank or slop tank and drained oil is collected in the same tank, i.e., the same tank is used for both purposes

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