What are methods of extinguishing fire on ships?

Method of Extinguishing Fire:

  • Starvation: Removing or Limiting fuel
  • Smothering: Removing or Limiting Oxygen (Air)
  • Cooling: Limiting or Decreasing Heat/Temperature.
  • Inhibition: Stopping/Breaking chemical reaction which is building up heat and rise in temperature (Exothermic Reaction).

Fire extinguishing agents are:

  • Cooling:  water
  • Smothering:  foam, carbon Dioxide, sand, fire blanket
  • Flame inhibators:  dry chemical Powder (mono-ammonium phosphate), Halon
Note :

All fire fighting systems are used to either:

  • Remove Heat
  • Remove Oxygen
  • Remove fuel or
  • CHAINBREAK-stop the chemical reaction


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