What are Methods and systems for the control of VOC during Transit at sea?

The VOC management plan is to ensure that the operation of a tanker, to which regulation 15 of MARPOL Annex VI applies, prevents or minimizes VOC emissions to the extent possible.

Methods and systems for the control of VOC during transit are

  1. Best Practices/Design
  • Manual pressure relief procedures (tank pressure control);
  • P/V valve condition and maintenance;
  • Condition of gaskets for hatches and piping;
  • Inert gas topping up procedures;
  • Partially filled tanks;
  • Loading sequence and rate; and
  • COW procedures.
  1. Vapour Pressure Release Control Valve (VOCON ) peocedure:

This procedure requires the monitoring and the recording of the pressure drop during a release of gas from the cargo tank vapour system. This can be undertaken with the use of the Inert Gas pressure gauge in the cargo control room or, as available, located on the Inert Gas pipeline on deck.

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