What are list of certificates issued under MARPOL?

List of certificate Under MARPOL
Annex 1 (all certificates valid till 5 years)
  1. International oil pollution & prevention cert (IOPP)
  2. Oil record Book
  3. Shipboard oil pollution emergency plan (SOPEP)
Annex II (all certificates valid till 5 years)
  1. Noxious liquid substance certificate (NLS)
  2. Cargo Record Book
  3. Ship board marine pollution emergency plan (SMPEP)
Annex IV
  • International Sewage certificate (ISC) valid 5 years.
Annex V
  • Garbage Management Plan Certificate
  • Garbage Record Book.
Annex VI
  • International air pollution prevention certificate
  • Ship energy efficiency management plan (SEEMP)