What are list of alarm of ECDIS?

List of all alarm of ecdis are:

  • Under scale
  • Exceeding XTE limits
  • Crossing safety contour.

 Area with special conditions *

  • Deviation from route
  • Approach to critical point
  • Different geodetic datum
  • Malfunction of ECDIS
  • Information over scale
  • Larger scale ENC available
  • Different reference system for added
  • Navigational information
  • Route planning across safety contour
  • Route planning across specified area
  • Positioning system failure
  • Position test failure

*Area with special conditions includes Traffic separation zone,Traffic routing scheme crossing or roundabout, Traffic routing scheme precautionary area, Two-way traffic route, Deepwater route, Recommended traffic lane, Inshore traffic zone, Fairway, Restricted area, Caution area, Offshore production area, Areas to be avoided, Military practice area, Seaplane landing area, Submarine transit lane, Ice area, Channel, Fishing ground, Fishing prohibited, Pipeline area, Cable area, Anchorage area, Anchorage prohibited, Dumping ground, Spoil ground, Dredged area, Cargo trans-shipment area, Incineration area, Specially protected areas.



    • Hi
      Nothing will happen to ECDIS picture. It will not show any position. Remember, you have an option to use DR position (deselection of GPS sensor). So, it is as though, DR is selected.

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