What are Limitations in the use of oils as fuel onboard as per SOLAS?

The following limitations shall apply to the use of oil as fuel:

  1. except as otherwise permitted by this paragraph, no oil fuel with a flashpoint of less than 60°C shall be used;
  2. in emergency generators oil fuel with a flashpoint of not less than 43°C may be used;
  3. the use of oil fuel having a flashpoint of less than 60°C but not less than 43°C may be permitted (e.g., for feeding the emergency fire pump” s engines and the auxiliary machines which are not located in the machinery spaces of category A) subject to the following:
    • fuel oil tanks except those arranged in double bottom compartments shall be located outside of machinery spaces of category A;
    • provisions for the measurement of oil temperature are provided on the suction pipe of the oil fuel pump;
    • stop valves and/or cocks are provided on the inlet side and outlet side of the oil fuel strainers; and
    • pipe joints of welded construction or of circular cone type or spherical type union joint are applied as much as possible; and
    • in cargo ships the use of fuel having a lower flashpoint than otherwise specified , for example crude oil, may be permitted provided that such fuel is not stored in any machinery space and subject to the approval by the Administration of the complete installation.


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