what are IMO regulations for carrying bulk grain cargo ?

 IMO regulation for grain carriage :

The following are the intact stability requirements for a vessel carrying bulk grain:

  1. The angle of heel due to a grain shift shall not exceed 12 degrees
  2. In the statical stability diagram, the residual area between the heeling arm curve and the righting arm curve up to :
    1. Angle of heel of maximum difference between the co-ordinates of the two curves
    2. 40 degrees
    3. Angle of flooding
    4. Whichever of these 3 angles is the least, shall not be less than 0.075m-radians.
  3. The initial metacentric height after correction for the FSE of liquids in tanks, shall not be less than 0.30 m.
You may also know :

In order to reduce or eliminate the adverse heeling effect of grain shift, the following methods may he used:

  • a) Shifting Board    (F+P)
  • b) Over stowing        (F+P)
  • c) Strapping and Lashing   (F+P)
  • d) Bundling                (F)
  • e) Saucering               (F)
  • f) Feeders                   (F)

 here – (F-filled,P-partly filled)


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