What are hazards associated with cotton?

  • Reactivity
    :Incompatibilities:    Contact   with  strong  oxidizers   may  cause fires  and  explosions.
  • Flammability
    1. Minimum ignition   temperature:    470°C  (878°F),   cotton flock
    2. Minimum explosive   dust   concentration:     0.05  giL   (50g/m),     cotton  flock
    3. Extinguishant: Water
    4. Combustible solid  (NFPA)

Effects on humans:

Short-term  exposure  to cotton  dust has caused bronchitis  and acute byssinosis (also known as “Brown Lung”   or  “Monday   Morning   Fever”),   a reversible   respira- tory  disease  produced   by inhalation   of cotton  dust.  Chronic exposure  has caused  lung airway obstruction   (which  reduces ventilatory  capacity)  and has led to disability  and premature death.  A direct  relationship   has been  observed   between  the total  concentration    of  cotton  dust  exposure   and  the  rate  of development  of byssinosis


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