What are General guidelines for Spillage of IMDG goods ?

  • Think of safety first !
  • Avoid any contact with dangerous substances. Do not walk through spilled liquids or dust (solids).
  • Keep away from vapours or gases.
  • Sound alarm.
  • Keep the bridge and living quarters up wind if possible.
  • Wear full protective clothing resistant to chemical attack and self-contained breathing apparatus.
  • Locate stowage position of leaking cargo.
  • Identify cargo.
  • Obtain UN Numbers and the EmS SPILLAGE SCHEDULE of dangerous goods involved.
  • Consider which measures of the EmS SPILLAGE SCHEDULE are applicable and shall be followed.
  • Be prepared to use the Medical First Aid Guide (MFAG).
  • Contact the designated person of the company responsible for the operation of the ship to obtain expert advice on dangerous goods emergency response measures.


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