What are Free-fall lifeboat release mechanism or requirement as per SOLAS ?

2.1 Principle requirements

Each free-fall lifeboat shall be fitted with a release system which shall: (LSA 4.7.6)

2.1.1 Have two independent activation systems for the release mechanisms which may only be operated from inside the lifeboat and be marked in a colour that contrasts with its surroundings.

 2.1.2 Be so arranged as to release the boat under any condition of loading from no load up to at least 200 % of the normal load caused by its fully equipped lifeboat when loaded with the number of persons for which it is approved.

 2.1.3 Be adequately protected against accidental or premature use.

 2.1.4 Be designed to test the release system without launching the lifeboat.

2.1.5 Be designed with a factor of safety of 6 based on the ultimate strength of the materials used.

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