What are factors taken into account while securing or lashing cargo on ships?

In general – in order to ensure the correct application of the portable securing devices, the following factors should be taken into account:

  1. Duration of the voyage;
  2. Geographical area of the voyage with particular regard to the minimum safe operational temperature of the portable securing devices (this is particularly important where ambient deck temperatures at or below 0°C may be encountered. Appropriate grades of steel should be used in such cases);
  3. Sea conditions which may be expected;
  4. Dimensions, design and characteristics of the ship;
  5. Expected static and dynamic forces during the voyage;
  6. Type and packaging of cargo units;
  7. Intended stowage pattern of the cargo units; and
  8. Mass and dimensions of the cargo units.
Note :

There are no specified lashing points available on board. Further, it is not recommended to secure cargo against vessel rails or structure which is not designed for tangential loads. Vessel scantling does not allow lashing to cargo blocks.


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