What are duties of OOW in Anchor Watch?

While at anchor, the OOW should:
  • Determine and plot the ship’s position on the appropriate chart as soon as practicable.
  • When circumstances permit, cheek at sufficiently frequent intervals whether the ship is remaining securely at anchor by taking bearings of fixed navigation marks or readily identifiable shore objects.
  • Ensure that proper lookout is maintained.
  • Ensure that inspection pounds of the ship are made periodically.
  • Observe meteorological and tidal conditions and the state of the sea.
  • Notify the master and undertake all necessary measures if the ship drags anchor.
  • Ensure that the state of readiness of the main engines and the other machinery is in accordance with the masters instructions.
  • If visibility deteriorates, notify the master.
  • Ensure that the ship exhibits the appropriate lights and shapes and that appropriate sound signals are made in accordance with all applicable regulations.
  • Take measures to protect the environment from pollution by the ship and comply with applicable pollution regulations.


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  • There is a spelling mistake on the 4th number,(Ensure that inspection rounds* pounds of the Ship are made periodically.) There written that pounds instead rounds.

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