What are duties and responsibilities of a SSO?

As per ISPS code,Every ship must have a designated SSO:
  • Maintaining the SSP ( ship security plan) and its amendments .
  • Undertaking regular security inspections of ship to ensure adequate security measures are taken;
  • Co-ordinating security aspects of handling of cargo, ship’s stores etc. with shipboard personals and port authorities;
  • Proposing modifications to the SSP;
  • Reporting any deficiencies to CSO during audits or inspections;
  • Enhancing security awareness and vigilance on board;
  • Ensuring adequate training provided to shipboard personals;
  • Reporting all security incidents;
  • Co-ordinating implementation of the SSP with CSO and PFSO; and
  • Ensuring that security equipment is properly operated, tested, calibrated and maintained.


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