What are documentation carried out for carriage of dangerous goods?

Documentation for shipping of dangerous cargo are as follow:
  1. The proper shipping name.
  2. The class and when assigned, and the division of the goods.
  3. The UN number.
  4. The packaging group for the substance carried under a ‘Not Otherwise Specified’ (NOS) notation or other generic entry which may include the possibility of the assignment of more than one packaging group.
  5. For ‘Class 7’, radioactive materials only, the Class 7 schedule number.
  6. Any empty or any packages containing residual dangerous goods must be marked by the words empty uncleaned or residue-last contained, before or after the proper shipping name of the substance.
  7. Where dangerous goods waste (except radioactive waste) are being transported for disposal, the proper shipping name should be proceeded by the word waste.
  8. The number and kind of packages together with the total quantity of dangerous goods covered by the description.
  9. The minimum flash point if 61°C or below (°C closed cup test), or other additional hazard which is not communicated in the description of the dangerous goods.
  10. The identification that the goods are marine pollutants and when declared under an NOS, or generic entry, the recognized chemical name of the marine pollutant in parentheses.
Note :

Additional information is required where special classes of dangerous goods are carried and this information is applicable for: all ‘Class 1’ goods, gases, infectious substances, radioactive materials.


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