What are different methods of lashing or securing timber deck cargo on ships ?

One or more of the following principal methods may be used to secure timber deck cargoes, by themselves or in combination with each other:

  • Different types of lashing arrangements;
  • Bottom blocking of the base tier in combination with lashing arrangements;
  • Blocking over the full height of the cargo by, e.g. uprights alternatively complemented by lashing arrangements;
  • Frictional securing, taking into account scientific research and appropriate weather and voyage criteria; and
  • Other practical securing enhancement, (taking into account appropriate weather and voyage criteria), such as:
  • Non slip paints on hatch covers;
  • Liberal use of dunnage in the stow to shore and bridge gaps;
  • Double lashing in exposed areas; and
  • Consideration given to the use of locking tiers.

 Different lashing arrangements are

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