What are daily checks carried out while carrying reefer cargo or container on ships at sea?

Following are checks carried at sea:

  1. Power supply
  2. All reefer containers shall be monitored by checking physically at least Twice daily (if weather permits).
  3. Cooling water supply maintained in case of water cooled machinery.
  4. Brine pipes to be tested to ensure they are not chocked and that no leaks occur at the joints.
  5. Brine traps to be checked, tested and refilled.
  6. Thermometers to be in position,
  7. Ventilator plugs in position and tightly wedged.
  8. Any alarms displayed on the digital indicator to be monitored and recorded accordingly.
  9. Any abnormal noise or vibration from the refrigerating equipment should be monitored and inform MASTER / Chief Officer.
Note :

All monitored data for each reefer container on board shall be entered in a reefer monitoring log and retained for 3 years.


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