What are contents of fire safety manual on ships ?

Contents of fire safety manual
  1. Introduction.
  2. Chapter I

Fire Safety Training Manual
2.1  Basic practice of fire safety and precautions concerning of smoking, using of electro power and flammable liquids etc.
2.2 Basic instruction for fire preventive actions and fire fighting procedures.
2.3 Meanings of general emergency alarm signals .
2.4 Operation and handling of fire fighting appliances.
2.5 Operation and handling of fire and smoke flaps. Ventilation of accommodation, Fire doors.
2.6 Means to escape.

  1. Chapter II

Fire Safety Operation Booklet
3.1 Foreword .
3.2 Preventive fire measures when in port.
3.3 Preventive fire measures when loading and discharging of cargo .
3.4 Preventive fire measures at sea.


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