What are Common errors in navigation/ during navigation ?

  • Failure to complete a task when required.
  • Ignorance of the ships dimensions and behaviour.
  • Failure to maintain the sequence of the passage plan, contigency plan or subsequent updates.
  • Undetected difference b/w intended track and the track made good.
  • Not monitoring manual or au to helm wander.
  • Rudder indicators, compasses and course recorders.
  • Not monitoring engine controls or indicators.
  • Unresolved difference b/w ground speed and rpm.
  • Not matching speed to sea conditions.
  • Measuring by single technique or measuring by inappropriate technique.
  • Unresolved cross track error.
  • Not monitoring visibility.
  • Not briefing the look out.
  • Not searching visually.
  • Searching solely by RADAR.
  • Not taking compass bearing.
  • Not making a RADAR/ARPA plot.
  • Making decisions on inadequate knowledge of target behaviour.
  • Not displaying lights or sounding signals.
  • Not monitoring VHF/MF radio.
  • Wrongly applying the COLREGS and being unaware of local regulations & signals.
  • Omitting to monitor the protection systems bridge located displays & controls.
  • Omitting to inspect the ship.
  • Omitting to monitor the location of passengers and location & working of the crew.
  • Mistaking the correct identification of a light, landmark or navigational aid visually or on RADAR or on chart.

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