What are Chart Catalogue (NP – 131)?

It is published by the hydrographer of the navy every year. It consists of 37 sections, which gives the date of publication, date of current edition, coverage area of a publication, diagrammatic index of coverage and titles of various charts and publications.It also gives the details of the agent from whom to procure them with the price of each item.

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Some of the important contents are listed below:
  1. General Information.
  2. List Of Admiralty Charts And Agents.
  3. Numerical List Of Charts And Publications.
  4. Limits Of Chart Index.
  5. Limits Of Small Scale Charts.
  6. List Of Chain Details Of Decca – Loran Charts.
  7. Wall And Outline Charts.
  8. Routeing Charts.
  9. Fisheries Charts.
  10. List Of Admiralty Sailing Directions.


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