What are causes of loss of cargo at sea due to securing arrangements ?

Some of the most common causes of cargo loss, which should be given careful consideration when securing cargoes, are as follows:
  • Severe adverse weather.
  • Insufficient or ineffective use of dunnage.
  • Lashings inadequate in number or strength.
  • Port and starboard or forward and aft lashings ill-balanced.
  • Wire attachment eyes or loops badly formed.
  • Incorrect use of bulldog grips.
  • Lack of strength continuity as between wire, attachment eyes, chain, turnbuckles, lashing webbing, shackles and fixed point terminations.
  • Lashings secured around sharp or unprotected edges.
  • Failure to appreciate the forces generated on a sea-going vessel.
  • Failure to provide sufficient personnel or time to effectively complete the work before sailing. 


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