What are carriage requirements for Fireman Outfit as per SOLAS ?

As per SOLAS Reg. II-2/17.3

All ships shall carry at least two fireman’s outfits complying  with the requirements

 In addition, there shall be provided:
  • In passenger ships for every 80 m, or part thereof, of the aggregate of the lengths of all passenger spaces andservice spaces on the deck which carries such spaces or,if there is more than one such deck, on the deck which has the largest aggregate of such lengths, two fireman’s outfits and two sets of personal equipment.
  • In passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers, two additional fireman’s outfits shall be provided for each main vertical zone; however, for stairway enclosures which constitute individual main vertical zones and for the main vertical zones in the fore or aft end of a ship.
  • In tankers, two fireman’s outfits

The fireman’s outfits or sets of personal equipment shall be so stored as to be easily accessible and ready for use and, where more than one fireman’s outfit or more than one set of personal equipment is carried, they shall be stored in widely separated positions. In passenger ships at least two fireman’s outfits and one set of personal equipment shall be available at any one position.


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