What are basics of preparing a Pilot Plan on ships?

The Basics of Preparing a Pilot Plan
  • Pilotage is visual navigation
  • Pilotage needs to be planned
  • Use large-scale charts
  • Check dangers
  • Check special rules
  • Check VHF channels
Note :-

Checklist for receiving pilot in bad weather

  • Inform master.
  • According to pilot instruction.
  • All crew wear PPE, life Jacket.
  • Made fast fore & aft safety line.
  • Walkie talkie should be satisfactory and charged.
  • Pilot access not sleeper, hazard trace
  • Check pilot ladder.
  • Stand by life buoy and life line
  • Duping pick up pilot use the safety harness, safety line.
  • Sufficient illumination.
  • Always contract with bridge.
  • Cheek pilot ladder if free of oil, grease.
  • Check pilot ladder personally by going down few steps.
  • no overboard discharged
  • Once pilot onboard hoist (H) flag.
  • Cheek ladder is twist or not.
  • All activities report to bridge.
Few things must ask to pilot or port authority :
  • Which side is alongside.
  • How many above water level.
  • Pilot boarding time.
Duty with Pilot :

As per BPG:-

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