What are arrangements for Automatic Sprinklers System on ships as per SOLAS?

As per (SOLAS Reg. II-2/12.1.1)

Each section of sprinklers shall include means for giving  a visual and audible alarm signal automatically at one or more indicating units whenever any sprinkler comes into operation. Such alarm systems shall be such as to indicate if any fault occurs  in the system.

Such units shall indicate in which section served by the system fire has occurred and shall be centralized on the navigation bridge and in addition, visible and audible  alarms from the unit shall be located in a position other than on the navigation bridge, so as to ensure that the indication of fire is immediately received by the crew.

Each section of sprinklers shall be capable of being isolated by one stop valve only. The stop valve in each section shall be readily accessible and its location shall be clearly and permanently indicated. Means shall be provided to prevent the operation of the stop valves by any unauthorized person.

In accommodation and service spaces the sprinklers  shall come into operation within the temperature range from 68° to 79°C, except that in locations such as drying rooms, where high ambient temperatures might be expected, the operating temperature may be increased by not more than 30°C above the maximum deckhead temperature.

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