What are advantages of ECDIS ?

  1. All chart information necessary for safe and efficient navigation is available at the click of a mouse
  2. Simple, reliable and fast updating of the ENC
  3. Reduces the navigational workload as compared to use of a paper chart
  4. It enables the mariner to execute in a convenient and timely manner
    • Route planning
    • Route monitoring
    • Positioning
    • Real-time position plotting
    • Route and waypoint management
  5. Real time monitoring of vessel’s position by OOW
    • Radar / ARPA can be superimposed for enhanced command action (Anti-collision)
    • Anti Grounding Tool
    • Weather and forecast data can be superimposed.
    • Ice data can be superimposed
    • Log keeping electronic and easy
    • Voyage playback possible
    • Real time update of chart

Note :

One of the most important features of ECDIS that makes it a unique aid to navigation, is the capability of generating alarms (anti-grounding, off route, etc.) based on input from sensors and analysis of chart information

The international standard for vector charts has been finalised by the International Hydrographic Organization (S-57, Version 3).


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