What are advantages and disadvantages of crude oil washing or COW on tankers ?

Advantages of COW are:

  • Substantial reduction in air pollution capacity since less oil continues to be aboard after discharge and also much less oil-contaminated water is handed throughout the ballast passage.
  • Increased cargo out turn.
  • Decreased storage tank rust caused by water washing.
  • Reduction in time and cost of tank cleaning.
  • Less ROB( remaining on board ) quantity , so higher freight can be earn by loading more cargo at next port
  • Reduced sludge accumulation.
  • Reduced gas freeing time.
  • Reduced manual cleaning

Disadvantages of COW

  • Need for additional equipments for COW and its regular maintenance as per PMS.
  • Specialized man power required.
  • Increased stay in the discharge port.
  • Increased work load.
  • Potential safety and pollution risk during COW operation as line pressure is 10 bar.


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