Types of tests to determine moisture content of bulk cargo

The strength of bulk materials increases with the addition of moisture and reaches a peak at some point beyond which additional moisture reduces the bulk strength. This point at which maximum strength is achieved can be determined in a Jenike style shear testing machine to enable design for worst case conditions.


Penetration test:

The basic idea of the Penetration Method has its  origin in this phenomenon. A test sample in a cylindrical vessel is subjected to vertical vibration  of acceleration X in 50/60 Hz exerted thereon. To judge liquefaction, a penetration bit of P gf/cm2 as the weight is placed on the surface of the sample.  When the penetration depth of the bit exceeds a  criterion D mm for T minutes, it is judged that the  liquefaction occurred. Otherwise, the moisture content of the sample is less than the FMP.98

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