State the actions you would take as a Chief Officer to avoid the detrimental effects on Bulk Carriers due to Corrosion, Fatigue and improper Cargo Handling ?

  • The major barrier preventing structural deterioration on ships, especially in very corrosive environment of Water Ballast Tanks and to a slightly lesser extent cargo holds is the tank/ hold coating. Since the establishment of ESP water ballast tanks and CH of all new ships must be fully coated. Such coatings should be hard coating & preferably light in colour.
  • To maintain a good and efficient standard of coating is an important part of structural condition management. If coatings are kept in good condition the structure will be effectively protected and the original scantlings will be available to resists ―service loads‖ & ―stresses‖.
  • Sea staff therefore should meaningfully report the condition of tank/ hold coatings during routines inspections and same to be documented in the company PMS system.
  • The most effective method of protecting a structure of a bulk carrier is to maintain coatings and carry out repairs of coating breakdown in good time.
  • Installation of Anodes, subject to the tank being regularly ballasted is an effective back-up that will prevent accelerated corrosion in the way of local coating breakdown.
  • The most effective time to carry out coating repairs in the tanks i.e. freshwater washing, surface preparation and coating application, can be done during a routine repair period of reasonable duration.


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